Chemical Communication

We Build World Class Automated
Coolant Concentration Controllers


Lower Your Costs

  • Coolant usage reduction
  • Water usage reduction
  • Improve recycling
  • Reduce labor hours
  • Provide consistency for production
  • Lower scrap rate
  • Monitor real time usage by asset 
  • Improve up-time
  • Dial in your tool life~!!

Reduce Your Headaches

  • Dependable concentration control
  • 24-7 Monitoring
  • Keep track of the data easily
  • PowerBI reports that are easy to use
  • Communicate reports easily and automatically
  • Reduce or eliminate biological excursions
  • Get notified for when an issue occurs immediately
  • Keep sumps fresher
  • Control plan and Auditable. 

Enable your:

Maintenance Group
Quality Team
Production Team
Finance / budgeting
Inventory Control
Chemical Managers

With the Data
That They Need

Improve your process

  • Measure and Control concentration up to 24 machines
  • Automatically top off your machines with water, recycled coolant and/or product.
  • Monitor usage and  many other KPIs including pH, temperature, ATP, alkalinity,…. use any sensor you want.
  • Subscribe to alarms and daily reports.
  • Program auxiliary chemical additions to be added at an exact feed rate according to your sump size (biocides for example.)
  • Data is delivered to your phone and your laptop via PowerBI.  Data can also be displayed via Ignition or other software.
ChemCom 1.0 Coolant Concentration Controller
ChemCom 1.0 Coolant Controller

Any Product
Any Concentration
Any System Size
Always on-line

Don't Guess
Make Decisions with Data