For coolant concentration we use refractive index.  For washers and other processes we can use conductivity or just about any other on-line sensor available.

It depends on your process but most people are good calibrating every two to four weeks.

None usually.  Generally, all you will need to do is keep the concentrate drum full and the recycled product tank full.  The system does everything else for you.  If there is a problem, it will send you a text or email asking for help.

One controller can manage up to 24 systems.  We usually recommend testing and making adjustments to each machine three times a shift.  If your machines are spread apart or located a long way away from the controller, then it may take more time to cycle through all the machines.  Usually we recommend 12 to 16 machines maximum.  Give us a call and we can discuss the details.

Yes.  The controls system has been built to use recycled coolant as much as possible.  We recommend using recycled coolant directly from the recycler.  Otherwise, you can transfer the recycled coolant to a tank and the system will use it from there.

The brand of sensor is not critical, we can use just about any sensor.  We developed this to be compatible with any pump type (Aro, Yamada…) Valve type (Asco, Parker, Assured…) Air valves (Festo, Humphrey…) Level Sensor (Keyence, IFM…) and so on.  We recommend specifying the parts you have in your crib and we can build from there.

We have a level sensor in each of the sumps.  When the sump is low we add water, recycled coolant, or product to keep the sump full.

Absolutely.  We will use the right size pumps and flow rates to fit your applicaiton.

Yes.  The system controls to a target.  Each machine can have it’s own unique concentration target.

Report delivery set at any frequency you want.  Generally, a daily email that comes in the morning is what our customers desire.  It is completely automatic.

Yes.  The database is SQL and can be used by any software that communicates to an SQL database. It is available by standard gateways.

This system is not a proportioner.  There is no manual intervention required.  This system tests the concentration and makes adjustments according to the results.  

Tramp oil is common and will interfere with refractive index.  We have developed a method to monitor for tramp oil ensure that the system reports true concentration.  

We are working on building an industrial automatic alkalinity titrator system to be used with washers in particular.  We expect this to be available first quarter 2024.

Most installations are custom depending on your needs.  Please give us a call and we can discuss your application.  Contact Us