Chemical Concentration Control Systems

From the Lab

Chemistry is our first love.  ChemCom was developed by a set of chemists who teamed up with some brilliant controls engineers to make something that the industry has needed for years.  Our parent company is Oakland Chemical.

To the Plant Floor

We listened to our customers.  They don’t want to talk about chemistry, man power challenges, or why something is out specification.  Instead, they want stable, reliable processes and data that supports this.  We know the urgency production requires, we understand the chemistry of the process, and we know the plant environment.   We  know what is required.

Control Concentration

Control Sump Level

Collect Data

Send Alarms and Reports

Truly Automated

Real-time Usage Data

Not a Proportioner

Manufacturing and System Requirements Fluctuate

True Concentration Control

We manage concentration to a target
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Example Reports on PowerBI

Automate Your Plant

Before ChemCom

After ChemCom

Your entire process is automated, your chemical concentration should be too.

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